Marathon in October

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


This weekend I ran my first marathon in Newport Rhode Island!!! If you don't know a Marathon is 26.2 miles. I have to say Newport is a gorgeous area but boy oh boy is it hilly!!!!! I loved running through this ocean town  with lots of cool views and the biggest most beautiful mansions I have ever seen!  It was an awesome time and I feel blessed to have been able to do it with out injury!  If you were to ask me yesterday I would have said NEVER AGAIN but today I am saying hmmm maybe!

My shirt and map! It was cool because I would be running and people on the sideline would cheer for me because I put my name on the front...also other runners commented because of what I wrote on the back (26.2 because 26.3 would be crazy) and that would turn into a conversation...and we all know how much I like to talk. Really helped to pass the time.
Some views. I really did want to take more pictures but I was enjoying the views and just plain forgot or the pictures came out blurry :( sorry! It was SO SO SO windy and we were beaten up by the sand! When we were at the start line it started to rain a little but we were quite lucky that it never rained. I was wicked worried about that :)
My baby at mile 15!! Bill and I had made a plan to meet at the half way point (13.1) but when I got there Bill and Chase were not there. It was crowded so I just figured they got stuck in traffic or could not find it. I was totally bummed...then I turned the corner at mile 15 and there they were!!! I could not have been happier! I stopped and hugged them both and chatted for a couple minutes :) Seeing them was the boost I needed to keep going!

I took a few pictures of mile markers! Tell you what I never really hit a wall but I did hate running between 18 and 21. I feel lucky because I only had minor aches and pains: Tail bone area was really tight and my left Achilles was tight and achy  but nothing that made me feel like I had to stop!!
 fun fact: I decide to enjoy my run and views so I ran with out music all the way to mile 18 and only listen to it to mile 24. It was really cool! ALSO, I have never ran with out my GPS watch to monitor my pace and distance but when I woke up and started getting ready my watch battery was DEAD!! I was so upset but as I was running I feel like it was a blessing because my pace and time was one less thing for me to think about. I am sure it affected my finishing time and was one of the reasons I finished a little slower than I wanted but it was nice not to worry about it at the time.

A few pictures of me running. I was VERY surprised by how hilly this run was. Everyone told me it would be but I just did not expect this. I just need to learn that these beach towns ARE HILLY! my half marathon a few months ago on the Cape was hilly too. Between the Hills and the heavy wind I just could not go much faster.

My friend Michelle ran the Marathon with me too and she rocked it!!!

Done and wind blown!
Finished and so happy!!! This was an amazing experience and I feel very lucky to have been able to do it.
After the Marathon Michelle and I went and got a yummy cheese burger and a beer before coming home. I swear it was the best burger I had ever had. hehe


  1. It sounds like the dead battery was a blessing! You could just enjoy the sights and sounds without having something beeping at you the whole time. =) Love the shirt! GO JENNY! Next step - ULTRA MARATHON!

  2. haha not so sure about that...Ultra just seems so far!