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Sunday, May 22, 2011

"Reach the Beach" 2011

The RTB Relay: Wachusett to Westport will took place in Massachusetts, starting in Princeton, MA at the Mount Wachusett Ski Area and finishing at Horseneck Beach State Reservation in Westport, MA.
We had a 12 person team that rotated through 36 transition area's that covered 200 miles. Each relay team member ran 3 legs of varying lengths and difficulty.
I woke up at 4am Friday Morning and Amanda picked me up at 5. Then we were off to meet up with the rest of the team. We met up at 5;50 am and drove to Wachusett to check in. We had 2 vans 6 runners in each and we rotated. The 2 vans met up every 6th leg to pick up our last runner and for them to drop off there first. I was in van 1.
Our first runner Amanda took off (at 930 am) up a steep hill at Wachusett mountain. Then went through our rotation of 12. My 1st leg (leg 3) was 6 miles long and it was a beautiful run. I felt like I flew right through it at about 9:30 min a mile!

The race continued on through the night and each runner had to wear reflective gear and headlamps which would be the only light provided to us in those REALLY dark hours. Let me tell you THAT WAS SCARY and I wanted to cry. My 2nd leg (leg 15) was 6 miles and 4 of it was down a long 2 lane road in what I would call back roads with very little lighting and HEAVY fog and not enough signs. The fog was so heavy that my light from my headlamp made it even harder to see...I had never ran so fast. My first mile was about a 9 min miles but then I turned on to "the road" and took off avg and 8.15min mile. at about mile marker 4 my team finally caught up with me so I slowed down to about a 10 min mile. I was sooooo glad for that leg to be done with!!

After the second leg we were all so tired so we took about 1hour 45min nap before we had to get up and do our 3rd leg. We flew right through this leg on adrenaline. my leg (leg 27) was ONLY 3 miles and it actually felt easy probably because I was so ready to be done. I ran that in a 9:30 min a mile.

Our team crossed the finish line about 6:45pm Sat night!
Our team was called "WTF were we thinking" and we finished in 140th place the the average pace of 9 min and 50 seconds. I am sooooooo proud of us.

So I got home at 8:15 pm took my first shower and went to bed. Then woke up Sunday Morning and went to run the Evan's run 5K. I did not run it fast but I did finish.
In all this weekend I ran 18 miles...not to bad since I have not even been running a year.

Where it all Began!


Photo opp

Amanda all geared up to take off on the first leg...straight up Wachusett Mt.

and she is off!!!! (around 930 am)

Team Photo's. The photo on the top right is the whole team running it in to the finish line(around 630pm)!!!

(Click on Collage to view pictures)
Random photo's of me running!

Relaxing in between legs.

Getting ready for 2nd leg (around 630 pm)...Night time runs suck. My second leg was about 10pm on a 2 lane road in the fog. Worse night ever. I was so scared!!

Stretching, yoga and goofing off! Getting ready for 3rd leg! (Around 7am)

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DONE!! Party time! and a massage!


Misc collage

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Monday, April 4, 2011

Reach the Beach

I just registered for a 200 mile relay!!!
I will be running 3 different legs.
Leg 3: Prince of Peace Parish to Comet Pond State Boat Ramp: 5.98 miles: moderate [map]
This leg meanders through a quiet, forested road as you leave the Town of Princeton and head southwest towards Hubbardston. TA3 will be at the boat ramp parking area on your right.
Leg 15 (QUIET ZONE): Robert Adams Middle School to Medway High School: 5.67 miles: moderate [map]
Quiet Zones begin with Leg 14 after 9:00pm.
Leg 27 (QUIET ZONE): St Mary's Church to Sysco Boston: 2.7 miles: easy [map]

I am very excited an nervous!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

10 K

Today I ran the Cohasset 10 k with a few friends! This is such a georgous run. About 50% of it was on the water and the other was looking at LARGE beautiful houses! There where a ton of hills which made the run harder but I liked it!!! I finished the race at 63 min and 8 sec. I will do it again next year!!!

Amanda and I were taking pictures while running so the quality is not that great but I just had to share the view!!

Monday, March 28, 2011

7.5 miles

My friend Amanda and I went for a run the other day with a goal of 6.2 miles. We printed out the map, got in the car and headed to Cohasset MA. We double checked the map and took off running. Well we managed to take a wrong turn and our 6.2 mile run turned into 7.5 Miles!!!!! We ARE ready to run our first 10K on Sunday. YAY this is 1.5month earlier than I originally wanted to run a 10k but I feel like I am ready!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Marfield 5k

Today my friends and I ran the Marshfield 5k. It was a bit cold but tons of fun to get back outside running again!!
I ran this in 29:12 min which I think is pretty good since I have not been running on the regular outside since Nov.
The run was really flat, the second half of the run was right on the water which was beautiful!

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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

new races

I just signed up for My first 10k. I will be running the 11th Annual Evans Run on May 22 for Autism.

I also signed up for a 5k on Memorial day May 30th 9-th Annual Christopher's 5-K Run & Walk For Diabetes.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


After reading my new favorite website for recipes I discovered that http://iowagirleats.com also has work out plans that you can do at home. So I picked the ones that I am interested in doing and plan to try to do them 3 times a week. here is what I found:

8 Minute At-Home Cardio Circuit:

1. 60 jumping jacks
2. 2 minutes jump rope
3. 60 high knees
4. 60 butt kicks
5. 40 crunches
6. 20 reverse crunches
7. 1 minute rest
Repeat 4 times!!

30 min total body
•1 arm weight lifting circuit
• 15 lunges each leg, holding 8lb weights in each hand
• 15 squats, holding a 12lb weight
• 30 second wall sit
• 30 crunches with legs bent at 90 degrees
• 30 bicycle crunches
Repeat the circuit 3 times.

Bicep Curl
Stand with feet shoulder width apart and knees slightly bent. With palms facing out and away from your body, raise weights toward shoulders. Pause at the top and slowly lower. Repeat 8-10 times.
Front Arm Raise
With feet shoulder width apart and palms facing your thighs, raise weights in front of your body, until they are parallel to the floor. Pause and slowly lower. Repeat 8-10 times.
Lateral Arm Raise
Start with feet shoulder width apart, arms at your sides and palms facing your sides. Raise arms to the side until they are parallel to the floor. Pause and slowly lower. Repeat 8-10 times.
*Be sure to keep back and neck straight. Resist the urge to arch your back.

Shoulder Press
Start with feet shoulder width apart and hands at ear level, palms facing out. Raise arms until weights meet above your head. Pause and slowly lower to original arm position. Repeat 8-10 times.
*Be sure to keep back and neck straight. Resist the urge to arch your back.

` do 8-10 reps of each exercise, then repeat the whole circuit 4 times.
• I use 5 lb weights. Use heavier or lighter weights according to your preference and ability.
• Incorporating lunges and squats with any of these exercises is a great way to tone your entire body at the same time.
• Form is everything. Arching your back, straining your neck or lifting too fast can lead to injury.
• Weight lifting doesn’t have to be a big ordeal. This circuit is just as easy to do at home during commercial breaks, as it is to do at the gym!

This girl (Kristen) has some of the best recipes ever also!!! check her out!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


I finally after a couple months of not really running and only doing intervals decided it is time to get back on it.
So for the past couple weeks I have been running for distance. Today I finally hit 3.1 miles(5k).
now I just have to keep it up!!!

Sunday, February 13, 2011


I put a couple tickers up to help me visualize my goals!

one for running and one for weight loss.

Now if only I can figure out how to quit eating when I am no longer hungry. (that is MY problem) I did some calculations and if I want to lose 1 lb a week I can only eat between 1500 and 1600 calories a day depending on my activity level!
I got the calculator here http://www.trainermomma.com/2010/01/figuring-out-your-daily-calories/ I really like her blog!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


I have been trying to think of a way to keep up with daily workouts since it is so cold outside and to much snow. so far my best plan is to (on the treadmill) walk while watching my show and run during the commercials. The show that I watch EVERYDAY is "Days of Our LIves". It is a 1 hour episode so that to me is a VERY nice work out!
We will see how this goes.
I think to start with I am only going to do this 30 minutes a day for the first week and then 45 min the next week and finally 1 hour a day.
This starts tomorrow Wed 2-9-2011 !!!!!!!!

I can't wait for spring and summer! I really miss walks/runs with friends!
I miss taking Chase to the park!
I miss swimming in the pool!

I also REALLY want to start riding my bike again!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Climb

Feb 5th 2011

bib # 492 Jennifer Cullum 12 min 26 sec!!!


The veiw of the building!

Today my team "I did it my way" and I climbed 41 floors/ 82 flights /789 stairs in the American Lung Association's Fight for Air Climb. It was hard but tons of fun! Physically my body was fine and did not have any problems but it was very hard to breath after about the 10th floor. Next year I will do more (and better) training.
I am not positive of my time because I did not set my watch....I was just too excited! I do know that it was between 12 and 15 minutes though which is GREAT because my goal was 25 minutes.
I want to say THANK YOU to everyone that supported me and donated to this wonderful cause that is very close to my heart.
If you would still like to donate you can! They are accepting donations until
March 4th!

Click on link below: http://action.lungusa.org/site/TR/ClimbForCleanAir/ALANE_New_England?px=4354882&pg=personal&fr_id=2630

Our shirts have the names of people we climbed for in the shape of a heart. LOVE IT!!
Here are a couple pictures of me and my team!
Team "I did it my way".
Me and Erin
Me & Amy
Melissa, Amanda and I.

Because of all the wonderful donations from all of my family and friends the ALA gave me a lei and a VIP pin to wear on my climb!
Thank you!

Kim and I

After Party

5 mile road race

On Nov 25th 2010 (ThanksGiving)I did a 5 mile Road race called the DreamCatcher Clasic. My time was 53 min.


Edaville run! 11-13-2010

Today at Edaville I did 5.1miles in 54.96min...10min slower than my last one but I was extremely hot and it was a trail run through the Cranberry bogs (i am used to running on the roads). I must say it was the most beautiful run I have done though!!!
I ran this with a couple of friends from running club. My next road race is on Thankgiving Morning and it is also a 5 mile run...

While Bill and Chase waited for me to finish they wandered and played at the park...Here are a few pictures!

First 5k

Run to the rock! Sept 11, 2010

After a couple months of training I ran my first 5k...here is a link to the local newspaper...the running club I was part of was photographed!


Here is a picture of Amy and me after the race!

A few of us from the running club are now training to run a 5 mile run in Nov.

ps...I ran 3.1 miles in 29min and 12 sec