Marathon in October

Sunday, February 6, 2011

5 mile road race

On Nov 25th 2010 (ThanksGiving)I did a 5 mile Road race called the DreamCatcher Clasic. My time was 53 min.


Edaville run! 11-13-2010

Today at Edaville I did 5.1miles in 54.96min...10min slower than my last one but I was extremely hot and it was a trail run through the Cranberry bogs (i am used to running on the roads). I must say it was the most beautiful run I have done though!!!
I ran this with a couple of friends from running club. My next road race is on Thankgiving Morning and it is also a 5 mile run...

While Bill and Chase waited for me to finish they wandered and played at the park...Here are a few pictures!

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