Marathon in October

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Abington Half Marathon

Abington Tricentennial Half Marathon 

Plus side i finished ( 2hr16min) and Bill and Chase were at a few places around town to cheer me on! Negative I rolled my knee at mile 5 by tripping on a rock and the tendinitis in my feet flared up at mile 8. But i still finished! !!!!!!

Mile 1
Mile 4 and feeling great!

Mile 6. I was hurting here from tripping over a rock.
Mile 6

Mile 10 Chase was so cute waiting for me so he could give me a bottle of water! At this point I tossed the idea of stopping because the tendinitis in my feet had flared up but decided that I had gone this far and there were only three miles to go...

I am rounding the corner to the finish line!

Running to the end! 2hr 16 min...not to bad for being in pain for most of the run! Posted by Picasa

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