Marathon in October

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Boston Ruckus June 2012

The Boston Ruckus is an exciting military style obstacles (over 20) compacted into a 4 mile run. The courses are designed for a wide range of participants and almost 100% of runners finish. Ruckus events are demanding enough for the elite, but achievable for all. It is all about having a unique, rewarding experience, that is as much fun as it is a challenge. I HAD A FRIGGIN BLAST!!!!! The pictures you see are only about a mile/mile and a half of the race. The rest was in the woods through the trails and fields. I have never done anything so hard but so fun! Also I am very surprised that I was able to do some of the obstacles...I must be in better shape than I thought! I can't wait to do this again next year. I really enjoyed pushing my self to do things I thought impossible and pushing myself to do  things that I very scared of. climbing a 10 foot wall DONE! gorilla bars Done. running and jumping through mud pits DONE. Wish I had a list of all the fun crazy things we did....BTW the cute red head with me is my team mate Claire! she and I kept together and cheered each other on!

Climbing this scared the crap out of me!


this was fun!!! and I fell :)
I actually really enjoyed climbing the walls!



  1. so cool! That looks fun! Did you have to use old shoes and throw them out? You must be getting stronger with all that training. Great job jen! I am curious as to what your resting heartrate is now that you're so athletic!

  2. Not sure about the rest hr is...I will check later. Yes I did wear old shoes!